An overview of the controversy of medicinal marijuana in the united states

When it became illegal, its use as a medicine became restricted. Nevada and Colorado legalized medical cannabis through ballot measure. Connecticut decriminalized cannabis through state legislature.

Raich maintained that under the Controlled Substance Act, federal law enforcement had the right to punish anyone who dispensed, possessed, or used marijuana, regardless of state laws. Utah lawmakers enacted broad sentencing and corrections reform legislation HB that included reduction of most marijuana penalties to misdemeanors.

ArkansasFloridaand North Dakota legalized medical cannabis through ballot measure. And a Texas act HB allows judges to require that minors who possess marijuana participate in drug education programming. Vermont legalized medical cannabis through state legislature. California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis with the approval of Proposition Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

Overview of U.S. Medical Marijuana Law

Should patients be allowed to grow their own plants. Indiana legalized CBD for any use. On the other hand, some supporters think changing the perception of marijuana from a party drug to a medication might make it less attractive to teens wanting to defy or rebel.

Cannabis in the Clinic? The Medical Marijuana Debate

New Hampshire decriminalized cannabis through state legislature. Both endocannabinoids and the compounds in marijuana bind to proteins called cannabinoid receptors in the brain and throughout the body.

CB1 receptors are expressed on the surface of neurons, and CB2 receptors are expressed on cells of the immune system. Nevada and Colorado legalized medical cannabis through ballot measure. A justice reinvestment act in Maryland HB addressed mandatory penalties for possession and distribution of 50 pounds or more of marijuana.

Even in the states that opted to reschedule on their own, more protection was needed before marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes. The challenges involved in obtaining the drug, along with political and financial considerations, have significantly dampened attempts to examining the potential use of marijuana as a therapeutic agent.

How many plants an adult can cultivate varies state-by-state. Missouri decriminalized cannabis through state legislature.

The Past, Present, and Future of Medical Marijuana in the United States

Maine legalized medical cannabis through ballot measure. Specifically, the justices ruled by a vote of six to three that the Commerce Clause, which gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce, allowed the federal government to prohibit the use of marijuana because of its potential for trade on the illicit market.

Ten states and the District of Columbia now have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use. InMichigan voters approved “Proposal 1” by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in the state.

InVermont became the first state. Medical Marijuana - An Overview; As a general principle, medical marijuana, also known as medicinal cannabis, is no different than standard marijuana.

Voices From Both Sides of the Medical Marijuana Debate

doctor affirming that the person suffers from a debilitating condition and might benefit from the medical use of marijuana. Also, states may require people to present this documentation. This article will give an overview of marijuana’s use and regulation in United States history, and then address some of the contradictions and controversies over medical marijuana policy today.

Brief history of marijuana in US.

Medical Marijuana Policy in the United States

The legal anomaly that defines the use of medical marijuana in the United States raises a number of important constitutional questions—some of which have been answered by the U.S. Supreme Court, but many of which remain unresolved. The active compounds in marijuana are similar to a class of molecules in our bodies called endocannabinoids.

Medical Marijuana - An Overview

The endocannabinoid system influences our immune system, protects nerve cells from premature death, and influences mood, memory, appetite, sleep, sensation, and movement. Medical Marijuana States Currently, 32 states have passed laws to establish comprehensive public medical marijuana programs.

California was the first to allow medical use of marijuana with the passing of Proposition in

An overview of the controversy of medicinal marijuana in the united states
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