A discussion on the margaret eaton affair in book the petticoat affair by john f marszalek

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That dance of change, that biological wonder of adaptation effused with the hunger for peer community, is a problem. Eaton, he almost completely reorganized his Cabinet. Second marriage and scandal[ edit ] Senator Eaton was a close friend of President Andrew Jacksonwho in appointed him Secretary of War.

The wives of the Cabinet members snubbed Mrs. They argued that by her sexual promiscuity before marriage and her disrespect for the sanctity of marriage, Peggy Eaton had broken a moral code that guided the lives of all American women.

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Peggy viewed the situation as being the result of envy and jealousy, but President Jackson felt it was a conspiracy aimed at casting judgment on his choice Cabinet officials and as an attempt to cripple his administration.

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As a widower, Van Buren was able to play a mediating role in the affair, without causing further discord between the statesmen and their wives.

Buy the Bolt or Buy the Yard. Calhoun supported his wife in the Petticoat affair. She died in poverty in Washington, D. Clark correspondence with, McMillan and Michael B.

The affairs of state ground to a halt because most of the other Cabinet wives refused to associate with Margaret Eaton, the wife of the Secretary of War. In ''The Petticoat Affair,'' John F. Marszalek explains the origins of this social ostracism, and how such a trivial issue altered American politics.

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Sold by Dreams of HSB and ships from Amazon Fulfillment/5(11). Free essys, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book report, term papers, history, science, politics. The PETTICOAT AFFAIR by John F. Marszalek The Free Press, ISBN Hard Cover $ This is the story of Margaret Eaton and the scandal which rocked President Andrew Jackson’s.

The petticoat affair : manners, mutiny, and sex in Andrew Jackson's White House

By John F. Marszalek. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, viii, pp.) John F. Marszalek, author of The Petticoat Affair argues in his book that the Margaret Eaton affair, which plagued the first Jackson administration, was a social situation that had political ramifications.

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A discussion on the margaret eaton affair in book the petticoat affair by john f marszalek
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