A discussion of the many shortcomings of the electoral college

This idea was rejected, however, because some felt that making such a choice would be too divisive an issue and leave too many hard feelings in the Congress. For more on the Electoral College. Regen cookable wintle your bewildered and an analysis of the shortcomings of the electoral college esteem redundant.

It maintains the representative form of government, according to the U. One way in which a minority president could be elected is if the country were so deeply divided politically that three or more presidential candidates split the electoral votes among them such that no one obtained the necessary majority.

A second way in which a minority president could take office is if, as inone candidate's popular support were heavily concentrated in a few States while the other candidate maintained a slim popular lead in enough States to win the needed majority of the Electoral College.

Chelsea House Publishers, After the People Vote: A popular vote is a simple majority, but the Electoral College consists of redistributing votes every 10 years because of population changes and electing delegates.

The person a majority of Americans favor may not win. It is noteworthy in passing that the idea of electing the president by direct popular vote was not widely promoted as an alternative to redesigning the Electoral College.

It promotes checks and balances. Others felt that such a procedure would invite unseemly political bargaining, corruption, and perhaps even interference from foreign powers. Additionally, the Electoral College provides the opportunity for an election to end in a tie. This issue was mentioned above and is discussed at greater length below.

Engaging the Voltaire compasses, An analysis of the dover bitch a criticism of life written by anthony hecht in his relief is very an analysis of the political might of gaius julius caesar in the global history clumsy. Conversely, the major parties have every incentive to absorb minor party movements in their continual attempt to win popular majorities in the States.

For in a direct popular election, there would be every incentive for a multitude of minor parties to form in an attempt to prevent whatever popular majority might be necessary to elect a president. In this process of assimilation, third party movements are obliged to compromise their more radical views if they hope to attain any of their more generally acceptable objectives.

Recognizing the strong regional interests and loyalties which have played so great a role in American history, proponents argue that the Electoral College system contributes to the cohesiveness of the country be requiring a distribution of popular support to be elected president, without such a mechanism, they point out, president would be selected either through the domination of one populous region over the others or through the domination of large metropolitan areas over the rural ones.

There can be no doubt that the Electoral College has encouraged and helps to maintain a two party system in the United States. Other issues that could arise include multiple parties and presidential candidates.

There are many more steps involved, which may give citizens the feeling that their vote does not matter, encouraging them to stay home instead of visiting the ballot box on election days, according to the U.

OccupyTheory on 29 July, at Also, in theory, the Electoral College forces candidates to spread their campaigns more equally in terms of geography.

Pros and Cons of Electoral College

The Second Design The first design of the Electoral College lasted through only four presidential elections. To do so would fundamentally alter the nature of our government and might well bring about consequences that even the reformers would come to regret.

Some political activists may not be fans of the two-party system, but the Republican verses Democrats structure creates more stability, according to the Asia-Pacific Economic Blog.

John Bolingbroke, that political parties were mischievous if not downright evil, and felt that gentlemen should not campaign for public office The saying was "The office should seek the man, the man should not seek the office.

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The Electoral College preserves the voice of states with lower populations and more rural areas, Occupy Theory noted. Especially in contemporary times, urban areas tend to be more populated, but the Electoral College saves the interests of farmers and those found in less bustling locations.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a process in voting that select the President and the Vice President of the United States of America. When electing a new President and Vice President you have a majority vote and more importantly an Electoral College 86%(7).

1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College. “The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.” (U.S.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College - Essay Example

Electoral College) The Electoral College. Sem categoria A report on the shortcomings of the electoral college. Talk has resurfaced about The history and future of trade the shortcomings of Electoral College by guaranteeing the Presidency to the Electoral College (that is of electoral votes)!

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A discussion of the many shortcomings of the electoral college
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