A biography of james knox polk a candidate of the democratic party in 1844

Election of 1844

This move led to a breakdown in diplomatic relations with Mexico from which Texas had revolted in Dallas, lithograph by Nathaniel Currier, James Knox Polk born.

Polk broke from his usual allies, casting his vote as a member of the state House of Representatives for the general in Jackson's victory. People liked Polk's oratory, which earned him the nickname "Napoleon of the Stump. Having by proxy declined an almost certain presidential nomination, Wright would not accept the second place.

When he died of cholera three months later, thousands of Americans were rushing west in search of California gold. He expanded the United States to the Pacific Ocean.

Polk began his formal education at the age of 18, at a church near his home. At age 11 he moved with his family to Tennesseewhere his father operated a prosperous farm in Maury county. His father offered to bring him into one of his businesses, but he wanted an education and enrolled at a Presbyterian academy in Leonard in his book on Polk, "bywhile serving as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Polk approached the zenith of his congressional career.

United States presidential election, 1844

Although rivals reasonably assumed that his political influence had peaked, Polk stayed active in Democratic politics and shrewdly sought opportunities to revive his career.

Anesthesia was not invented until he was President…he was awake for the procedure. Polk campaigned so vigorously that Sarah began to worry about his health. Now Polk, with his able secretary of the treasury, Robert J. An overview of James K.

A vote for two-thirds would doom Van Buren's candidacy due to the opposition to him. The nomination was then made unanimous. Polk by then had presidential ambitions, but was well aware that no Speaker had ever become president Polk is still the only one to have held both offices.

Federal funds had previously been deposited in private or state banks. James Knox and Sarah Childress Polk. The Polk family had connections with the university, then a small school of about 80 students; Samuel was its land agent in Tennessee and his cousin William Polk was a trustee.

After traveling down the Atlantic seacoast and along the Gulf of Mexico, Polk returned to Nashville in ill health. Some believed this had led to the crash by causing a lack of confidence in paper currency issued by banks.

James Knox Polk

His college studies and his membership in a debating society helped nurture his growing interest in law and government. Birney, ran in the election extensively as an abolitionist.

Some Westerners, including Jackson, opposed the Second Bank, deeming it a monopoly acting in the interest of Easterners. James Knox Polk was born on November 2,in a log cabin in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. As a boy, Polk, the eldest of 10 children, moved with his family to Columbia, Tennessee, where his father became a prosperous.

Polk went on to win the popular vote by a razor-thin margin, but took the electoral college handily. Presidency and Expansionism. James Polk took office on March 4, —and, at 49 years of age, he became the youngest president in American michaelferrisjr.com: Nov 02, Polk was the surprise (dark horse) candidate for president indefeating Henry Clay of the rival Whig Party by promising to annex Texas.

Polk was a leader of Jacksonian Democracy during the Second Party System. James Knox Polk was the eldest child of ten to be born to Samuel Polk and Jane Knox on November 2nd, Born: Nov 02, Often referred to as the first “dark horse,” James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States from tothe last strong President until the Civil War.

In the presidential elections, Polk was counted as the frontrunner for the post of Vice President on the Democratic ticket, whereas Martin Van Buren was being eyed as their presidential michaelferrisjr.com: Sarah Childress.

James K. Polk of Tennessee appealed to the delegates because he was a protégé of Andrew Jackson (called "Young Hickory"), had initially supported the frontrunner Van Buren, and was an outspoken advocate of annexation.

Polk won the .

A biography of james knox polk a candidate of the democratic party in 1844
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